Can I install the "Size Me Up" widget on my webshop without any technical or design background?

Definitely! It’s just adding a snippet of code to your site. Embedding "Size Me Up" on your online store may require some initial setup, but we are here to help you with the onboarding to get you started!

Is the "Size Me Up" widget optimized for mobile devices?

Definitely! All our products are cross-platform and work fantastic on mobile and PC.

Do I get access to a dashboard to see the performance?

Currently, we will share with you a monthly update about the performance and will give you tips on how you are able to optimize your online sales conversions even further and reduce your returns.

What is the Faslet App?

Faslet, is a mobile application, which is currently in development, that helps shoppers with the most convenient mobile shopping experience. We do this by providing your right sizes, based on your own personal measurements, across multiple amazing fashion brands.

Faslet recommends a different size as I’m currently wearing?

Faslet correlates your personal measurements with fashion brands' size charts and shows you the suggested size that fits you best in the brand webshop. Sometimes it can happen that the size is not fitting perfectly. In such case, it will be much appreciated to share this so you can help us to improve our service. Please send us an email to support@faslet.me

What is happening with my data?

We respect your privacy, which is why we offer the service personally but anonymously, we don’t need any pictures either. For our privacy policy please visit faslet.me/privacy