Our story

We in the Netherlands love online shopping, but if there's one thing we love even more it's returning our packages. With almost half of all the clothing, we order being returned we are in fact the market leader in Europe when it comes to returns. A dubious title and not something to be proud of. The biggest issue is not so much that you return something - though this of course does have its impacts when it comes to CO2 emissions on its own accord - particularly the fact that the huge boxes are oftentimes half empty.

This takes up a lot of unnecessary space in transport and basically means that we are increasing our CO2 footprint on the environment, just to transport air. Not to mention all the extra packaging materials that are used in the process.

But in all fairness, it is very understandable that we feel the need to order as many sizes of everything as we do. With big retailers like Zalando or Wehkamp offering a multitude of brands that all pretty much handle their own sizing charts, it's next to impossible for us to know our exact sizes per brand.

Your regular size 32 jeans from brand A might very well be a size 34 for brand B. Would this be considered a Medium or Large for brand C? And how does this translate to confection sizes? So we see no other option but to order 3 sizes of everything we like, just to be sure and avoid disappointment.

With our Widget and/or App solution, this can be a thing of the past.

More Convenience. Better Fit. Everybody Smile.