Our story

Our story starts during the early weeks of lockdown. Due to Covid-19, all retail shops had closed, but there were sunny days ahead. Now, we don’t get a lot of those in the Netherlands. So we had to work fast to find some sunproof clothes in time before that rare Netherlands sunshine broke through.

We all visited our go-to online fashion stores but were immediately puzzled by their size charts. Having no measuring tape available, we realized we had three options:

  1. Buy our regular size and hope that this brand runs true to size, or else end up disappointed and disenchanted with the brand.
  2. Order multiple sizes, but knowing we’d have to go through the hassle of returning the spares. We’d also feel guilty for all the unnecessary CO2 emissions caused by shipping and returning.
  3. Give up and don’t buy anything at all, and miss out on getting a proper tan during those glorious sunny days. 

Three options, none of them close to ideal. It was at that moment that we realized we needed a proper solution. One that makes the process of sizing, shopping, and shipping feel like a breeze. 

Our solution


Faslet’s size recommendation widget helps your retail customers find the perfect size in just a few easy steps. No measuring tape is required! The size recommendation widget is tailored to your online fashion brand or multi-brand store, both in function and design. Our innovative algorithm ensures your customers will be recommended the right size. The widget itself is easy to integrate and customize, making it the perfect addition to your online retail shop. 

Offering this type of certainty regarding size will make your customers feel confident about their purchase. They will be more likely to buy and less likely to return. This will not only increase your retail shop’s profits but reduce co2 emissions as well. Meanwhile, our system captures customer intelligence, providing you with valuable insights for future brand strategy.  

Faslet’s size recommendation solution, therefore, benefits you, your customers, and the environment. It’s an innovative, user-friendly, and sustainable solution to sizing and online shopping.


Let’s talk 

The issue with clothing returns

We all love online shopping, but if there's one thing we love even more it's returning our clothes. Here in the Netherlands, we return almost half of all clothing ordered. That makes us the market leader of Europe when it comes to returns. Quite a dubious title that merits no pride. However, other countries aren’t lagging far behind. Online retail shops all over the world struggle with an increasing number of clothes that are being returned. 

It’s quite a pricy endeavor, offering free returns: each return costs an average of  €12,50. However, since most major retailers offer this service, it’s hard to stay behind. Financial costs aside, the costs to the environment present a major problem on its own. The global fashion industry is responsible for between 4-10% of greenhouse gas emissions, no small part of it due to returns. Also, the returned boxes are oftentimes half empty. This takes up a lot of unnecessary space in transport and basically means that we are increasing our CO2 footprint on the environment, just to transport air. 

It’s time for a change. Let’s reduce your returns!