What we do

Faslet creates innovative, user-friendly size solutions for online fashion stores that will increase your online profitability.

How it works

The Faslet size recommendation widget helps your customers find the right fit. No measuring tape required!

How it benefits you

By recommending the right size, Faslet reduces clothing returns, lowers customer support needs & increases conversion.

To sum it all up

Faslet offers a better buying flow, reduced returns, greater sustainability, increased profits, and satisfied customers: smiles all around!

This is Faslet

A personal size recommendation widget, tailored to your online fashion single or multibrand store. Faslet’s innovative algorithm helps your customers find the right size in just a few easy steps. Confident they have got the perfect fit in their shopping basket, customers are much more likely to proceed to checkout. That means increased conversion rates for your retail store. Since most clothing items are returned due to lack of fit, the Faslet widget will have a significant reducing impact on clothing returns. This will not only save costs but reduce co2 emissions as well. Meanwhile, our system captures customer intelligence, providing you with valuable insights for future brand strategy.

In short, Faslet offers an optimized shopping experience for your customers. A sustainable, innovative solution that will benefit your fashion brand’s strategy and profits.

More Convenience. Better Fit. Everybody Smile.

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    Reduces returns up to 20%

  • icon_headset

    Lowers customer support needs

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    Integratie in <2 hours

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    Conversion rate increased up to 350%

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    Aan te passen naar jouw wensen

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    Gathers customer intelligence

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