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Creating high converting size solutions for fashion brands & retailers that will increase your online sales.

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With our sizing recommendation widget, we will decrease online returns for greater sustainability.

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We will lower customer support needs with less reason for customers to contact support.


Less returns and better buying flow means happier customers and smiles all round!

What we do

Faslet developed a personal size recommendation solution to help online fashion brands and multibrand stores increase their online conversion, and reduce their returns in a more sustainable way. With its smart algorithm, Faslet offers personalized size recommendations, assuring that the items bought are the correct size. This results in an optimized and more convenient shopping experience for the consumer, and a significant decrease in the items that have to be returned. Less returns mean lower costs for the retailer and ultimately less waste for our environment.

More Convenience. Better Fit. Everybody Smile.

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    Decreasing returns by 35%

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    Lower customer support needs

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    Integration in < 2 hours

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    Increase sale conversion by 8%

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    Customisable to your aesthetic

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    Analytic reports

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